Little Utica United Methodist Church
Thursday, October 29, 2020
We often get asked, why did we choose the name EJ Thomas United Methodist Men? There is a “cluster” of churches named after Enoch J. Thomas, former pastor of Granby Center UMC, that has been active for many years and still gets together almost every month (see Elaine’s article in this issue). Back then, this group of churches also joined forces to form a men’s group, but eventually the men’s group disbanded. Around fifteen years ago when I was just getting involved in Little Utica church activities, some of the more, “mature” men from our church were talking to guys at Bowens Corners and Granby Center churches and wanted to rejoin to work on projects and help our community. Most of our members are no longer able to work on the same sort of projects that involve physical labor, but we are pretty good at fundraising!
Our big project for 2019 was to raise funds for the Cpl. Kyle R. Schneider Foundation at a silent auction event at the Clay Fire Station #2 on October 5, 2019. We had live music, food for sale and many items were donated to be auctioned off including homemade baskets, gift cards and assorted merchandise. We raised over $3,000 in one afternoon!
We owe a debt of gratitude to all those who helped to work at the event, for their donations and to all the patrons who came to support this wonderful veteran’s organization. We understand a portion of the proceeds will go to the Homes for Vets organization. I mentioned how our group doesn’t do much physical work any longer, but we can’t seem to tell Nelson Richards to slow down. He has been building code-approved ramp sections for the United Methodist Conference Center that are installed for people who need ramps built at their homes. Our group has funded several of these sections with the help of our very generous benefactor, Tom House. The lumber company has also sold the pressure treated wood at a discount. Our Family Christmas Breakfast was on Saturday, December 14 - What a good time we all had!
Blessings, Doug MacEwen
Posted October 6, 2019
Such a great Silent Auction event was held on Saturday, October 5, 2019! We are always guaranteed an awesome turnout whenever we partner with the Schneider family for our shared missions supporting our veterans. It was especially amazing to see such creativity in the themed baskets that were donated for auction.
We want to thank all who volunteered their time and talents to make this event such a success.
From Lorie Schneider:
A great afternoon of music, food, and auctioning! Entertainment was provided by, Big D and Friends. Event was sponsored by the E.J. Thomas United Methodist Men and The Corporal Kyle R. Schneider Foundation. A huge Thank You to Paladino’s of CIcero for the delicious pizza and meatball subs, and to the Clay Fire Station #1 for allowing us to host this special event! Thank you to everyone who made this Event possible and assisted in its success. An entire community came together for our Veterans. Thank you to everyone who donated items, baked delicious goodies, attended, participated in the auction, volunteered, supported the event with their donations at the door and table sponsorships, and for the overall support given to our Veterans. AMAZING! Thank you!.

The Cpl. Kyle R. Schneider Foundation - 

Many other men’s groups specialize in helping people with home improvements, building decks and landscaping work. We’ve participated in this type of work as well, years ago we helped an elderly veteran with a major yard cleanup, painting and some minor repairs. However, we’re a little unique compared to other groups because fundraising has been our specialty over the last ten years. We’ve raised money to send kids from our churches as well as inner-city churches to Christian camp, helped to send one of our own members to the Holy Land and helped purchase two Disabled American Veteran (DAV) vans. We’ve also adopted the local Cpl. Kyle Schneider Foundation where we send a monthly donation, provide gift cards during holidays for veteran families and we’ve partnered with them on several projects.


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