Little Utica United Methodist Church
Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Upper Room "Living Prayer Center"

To request a prayer, the number to call is 1-800-251-2468  7AM - 11 PM CST (United States, Canada and Caribbean)
"Connecting People to a Powerful Prayer Network"
Names of those to pray for in June: The families of Phyllis Foster and Don Haas as Phyllis and Don have gone home to the Lord and are greatly missed.  Charlie, Bud, Carolyn, Donna, Esther, Ashley, Ed, Sylvia, Don, Fay, Kyle and Sue.  Zachary, Bob, Kay, Bill V., Lisa and Theresa.  Carolyn, Danielle, Olivia and Bob M.  From the Upper Room Prayer Center: Shelia, Lumlum, Tammy, Glen, Edith, Ekasha, Nicole, Shirley, Sharleen, Virginia, Barbara and Doris. 
Little Utica UMC has joined the Living Prayer Center. Our time slot is the first Thursday of every month from 11am - 1 pm.  If there is anyone interested in being a part of the prayer mission please come and join us. It will take just a few sessions for training. Your time spent in prayer with people from all parts of the country will be both spiritual and rewarding. For more information or wanting to start your own prayer center at your church, please contact me at (315) 598-6327 or                                            
I want to give my thanks to the Baldwinsville UMC Living Prayer Team for the year of fellowship and training.  They made it possible for me to start the Prayer Center here at Little Utica.
Donald Day, Crossroads District Prayer Advocate UMM