Little Utica United Methodist Church
Wednesday, October 20, 2021

The Upper Room "Living Prayer Center"

"Connecting People to a Powerful Prayer Network"

The Upper Room Living Prayer Center is an intercessory prayer ministry staffed by Christian volunteers.

Although we may not be aware of just who the individual is or what their particular need for prayer may be, God does!  Please lift those on this list in prayer.
Calls received from the Upper Room Prayer Center in March: Eviet, Ehtel, Erik, Judy, Jeff, Sarah, Steven, Tim, Virginia, Lynn, Rose and Steve  
These are the names of individuals who have been lifted in prayer at Little Utica.
Jamie, Barb, Jim C., Tammy, Caroline, Linda H., Weston, Sherry, Charlie, Candy, Bud, Carolyn and Julie.  Esther, Leonard and Phyllis and Aleda.  Sylvia, Don, Fay, Nancy, Kyle and June B.  Theresa, Zachary, Bob, Kay and Lisa.  Carolyn, Danielle, Olivia and Bob M.  We also lift up the men and women who serve in our military - and their families, who are waiting for their return home.  Also keep in prayer our Police Officers, Fire Fighters, First Responders and EMT's.