Little Utica United Methodist Church
Monday, August 19, 2019

Pastor Judy's Page





O, the weather outside is frightful, but the heat inside’s delightful! It’s a perfect day to stay inside and think about all the wonderful things that have been going on here at Little Utica!

We’ve really been busy! Maybe that’s why I find myself reflecting on the past year now, instead of the beginning of this new year.

And, what a wonderful year it has been!

We have been blest to add 18 new members to our church family! Most of them have not been able to escape being put to work in one capacity or another. Come to think of it, I don’t think any of them have! But, if you have, don’t expect that to last much longer!

We had such a wonderful spring as we took our faith journey through Lent. Once again, we gathered on Ash Wednesday, receiving ashes and writing down something we wanted to free ourselves from on a piece of paper, burning them and letting the smoke carry our concerns to Heaven.

Maundy Thursday we gathered to share “The Last Supper” with everyone… bringing a dish to pass and taking communion as we listened to Scripture readings of the night our Lord was betrayed.

Good Friday was a moving evening as we heard the cantata “The Song of the Shadows” as Doug MacEwen portrayed Jesus – taking us from Palm Sunday through Christ’s crucifixion. I can still hear the sound of the hammer and the nails echoing through the sanctuary. What an emotional and meaningful night that was.

How different it was Easter morning as we joyfully celebrated the resurrection of the Lord!

We had a baptism and picnic at a park in Baldwinsville. Even the rain couldn’t dampen our spirits.

Then there was the Sunday morning I feared the most…the Blessing of the Animals! What fun it was as we had our service on the front lawn of the church!  Chairs and blankets were filled. There was singing, laughing, and lots of pets were blest! I was so glad no one brought a pet snake!

We did lots of fun things and so many things that touched our souls.

Before we knew it, it was Thanksgiving. Advent included two of the children portraying Mary and Joseph, re-enacting the journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem and the birth of our Lord. And, then Christmas with a traditional candlelight service and a “silent” service where those who came could stay for a few minutes or an hour, listen to Christmas carols, and light a candle honoring the birth of our Savior. How wonderful!

Then all of a sudden “poof”, the year was over.

What a great year we had… picnics, special services, mission projects far greater than I ever expected. It has been a such a special year.

As this year has begun, we have a lot to fondly look back on. But what’s even better is that we have so much to look forward to. I can hardly wait to see what this church can accomplish this year!

All God’s blessings,

Pastor Judy