Little Utica United Methodist Church
Monday, May 21, 2018

Inspirational Messages



My Mother’s Apron              

                          Written by    Kay Camic

I can still see her in it,

She had a gentleness, but with grit.

She wore it like others wore fancy clothes, it was a part of her,

Anything else just didn’t occur.

She cooked, she baked, and she would greet you with a smile,

But her heart, oh her heart was bigger than a country mile.

Her house was always open and warm,

A place you could count on in any storm.

She didn’t just believe in the word, she lived the word.

Any other way to her was just absurd.

I can still hear her as if standing right here,

Keep your loved ones near,

Never go to bed angry,

Don’t wake up cranky.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Get up, get dressed, face the day, even if your blue.

She was more than just my mother, she was my best friend,

She was my moral compass, right to the end.

I wear her apron now and only hope I can be the woman she taught me to be.

She is the fabric of my life, for you see she lives within me.