Little Utica United Methodist Church
Wednesday, October 20, 2021

2020 Projects

~ Trustees Report 2021~
In 2019 a new slate of Trustees were all given positions to keep the church, schoolhouse, parsonage and the outside property well maintained. Their positions and area of responsibilities are:
• Sylvia: lawn care – snowplowing, outside clean-up
• Kathy: outside decorations – flowerbeds
• Don: parsonage – tenant’s needs
• Charles: electrical – plumbing – furnace
• Richard: exterior of the church & schoolhouse
• Donna: Church interior – setting up church events
Trustees at large: Elaine: help where needed
Sherron: help where needed
Plus, we have several willing to help the trustees when extra hands are needed.
In 2019 we completed most of the projects on our list. The church and schoolhouse were painted. Our church parlor, kitchen and bathroom were painted and the cracked plaster in the parlor removed and re-plastered. A new and efficient furnace was purchased, and a deep cleaning of the entire church was completed.
In 2020, even with all the New York State Covid-19 restrictions, the trustees completed many projects that have been on our work agenda for years. The steeple was refurbished, new roof over the church office and gutters cleaned. The old roof on the schoolhouse was removed and replaced. A new and safe deck/entry for the schoolhouse was added. The church sign was rewired, and LED bulbs were purchased to really make it shine bright at night. The water chlorination system was repaired. The fire and smoke alarm system were upgraded. New high-speed internet and router installed, allowing the church to use Zoom and live broadcast from the church. The trustees voted to accept the gifts of new Hymnals and system for the hearing impaired. When a trustee saw something needed to be done, they would bring it to my attention. An estimate would be brought to the Church Council, if voted yes, the trustee followed through and the project was done.
Trustee President: Sylvia Day
Fuel- Winter Fund
A new Fuel Fund chart has been made and put into the church parlor. To donate a $25 block: make check payable to Little Utica UMC, in the memo - Fuel Fund.
Please mail checks to: Sylvia Day, 1 South Granby Road Fulton, NY 13069
Include a note if you would like it in memory or in honor of a loved one. Your name and information will be put on the chart. I want to thank everyone who has donated in 2020. We are very grateful to Elma Smith, who faithfully donates every month.
God Bless you all. In Christ, Sylvia Day